Borja Crespo

A Fine Arts graduate with a concentration in audiovisual media, he has made a number of shorts. The most well-known of these is "Snuff 2000", based on the comic strip of the same name by the renowned artist M.A. Martín. Crespo has directed music videos for groups like Fangoria and Fromheadtoto and also collaborates on a regular basis with various media, writing about film, comics and trends (El Correo, Grupo Vocento, El Mundo, Travelling, Belio...). The author of "El infierno que camina",  he has contributed to several theory books.
Since 2003 he has directed the Peñiscola International Comedy Film Festival and has served as an advisor for other cultural events. He also coordinates the Getxo Comic Show.
As an illustrator he has published three works and ran the independent publishing house Subterfuge Comix.
Currently, he is involved in the production of several short films.