Nahikari Ipiņa

She graduated from the University of the Basque Country with a degree in visual arts. She has produced shorts with wide international exposure, such as the Oscar-nominated “7:35 in the Morning”, “Spooks House” (Méliès d'Or) and “Snuff 2000”. “Pero tu ¿eres tú? No, yo soy su...”,Lady Jibia”, “Pornografía” , “Collision” , "Surgery", "Sunday", "Henry Fonda congelado" and "El Encargado" are other works that bear her signature.

After working in the Programming and Contents Department of Quiero Television (2000-2003), she has coordinated programming for the Peñíscola International Film Festival  (2003-2005) and organized other cultural events.

Since 2005 is the Head of production and development of ARSENICO where she also produces in television and commercials. She's coproduced "Timecrimes", first feature film by Nacho Vigalondo and "The friend zone" by Borja Cobeaga.