The Shooting of "PAGAFANTAS" starts in Bilbao.

Last Monday, June 16, the shooting of PAGAFANTAS started in Bilbao. This is the first Borja Cobeaga's work, the famous shortfilm-maker who received many awards with his shortfilm The First Time, nominated for a Goya, and with One Too Many, nominated for an Oscar in the Best Shortfilm category in 2007. Apart from his works as a director, Cobeaga has also worked as a scriptwriter for humour TV programmes such as Splunge or Agitación + IVA (Agitation + VAT) and as a director in Vaya Semanita (What a Week), in ETB.

PAGAFANTAS is his long-awaited first work, a romantic comedy whose title (meaning "Soda-Payer") is inspired in a phenomenon that has always been there. According to the words of the director himself, 'A Soda-Payer is a wretch boy latched on to a beautiful girl; the one who has no possibilities of making any advance to her but waits just in case he can get something. She sees him as a friend and has never thought that the guy could be sexualy dangerous.' The actor who embodies this character is Gorka Otxoa, who has taken part in several theatre plays (Olvida los Tambores -Forget about the Drums-, now on tour) and films such as Noviembre (November) or Un Poco de Chocolate (A Tram in SP ), better known for acting in different TV programmes and series such as Vaya Semanita (What a Week), in ETB (under Borja Cobeaga's directions once again) or Cuestión de Sexo (Sex Matters) in Cuatro, where he plays the character of Gonzalo, an everlasting driving school student. With him, the Argentinian actress Sabrina Garciarena, his work-mate also in the series Cuestión de Sexo, wellknown for her roles in many South American soap operas, such as Rebelde Way, which got a great success all over the world, and Julián López, a comedian who stands out for his work as a sports newsreader in Noche H (H Night) and his performances in La Hora Chanante.

Moreover, acclaimed actors such as Kiti Manver, Oscar Ladoire or Maria Asquerino will embody the relatives of the protagonist and Michael Brown, who stared the known series Pasión de Gavilanes (Passion of Sparrowhawks), will have a role as the antithesis of the Soda-Payer.


PAGAFANTAS is a coproduction of Telespan 2000, Antena 3 Films and Sayaka Producciones Audiovisuales whose distribution will be made by Manga Films. The shooting will last seven weeks and will take place enterely in places around Bilbao (The Basque Contry, Spain) relying on its council, which has provided inestimable help for the production of the fim.


The daily anecdotes and happenings of the shooting can be read in the director's weblog:


Soon we will let you know the date and place for the press conference in which the shooting will be presented. The producers of the film, Tomás Cimadevilla (Telespan 2000), Teddy Villalba (Antena 3 Films) and Nahikari Ipiña (Sayaka Producciones Audiovisuales), the director, Borja Cobeaga and the main actors and actresses Gorka Otxoa, Sabrina Garciarena, Kiti Manver and Oscar Ladoire, will be there too, so that you will have the opportunity of talking to them all.


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