"The Backwoods" and "Timecrimes", the first long films by Koldo Serra and Nacho Vigalondo, will be shown in the Fantastic Fest, in Austin (Texas)

Arsénico opens its new webpage and will also be in Sitges and San Sebastián Festivals.

Arsénico will be very present these days in the Fantastic Fest, in Austin, in Texas ( This well-known American festival has chosen "TIMECRIMES" ( by Nacho Vigalondo (that will be the world premiére) and Koldo Serra's "THE BACKWOODS" ( for its official section. Both films will be shown in the legendary Alamo Drafthouse. Moreover, the shortfilm "CIRUGÍA" (meaning "Surgery") by Alberto González (, produced by Arsénico, will be also seen during this event, where the three directors are going to be.

Arsénico P. C., that updates its webpage these days (, will also take part in the San Sebastian Cinema Festival. This year, the young production company will show a shortfilm in the section called Kimuak, that will be presented as a part of the programme: "Limoncello", directed by Borja Cobeaga, Jorge C. Dorado and Luis A. Berdejo. This work, a western made up of three short stories, is a co-production along with Common Films, Koldo Zuazua P. C. and Encanta Films.

Meanwhile "Avant Pétalos Grillados", by Velasco Broca (, another Arsénico's co-production, continues its brilliant career throught international festivals. At the end of September, Avalon will launch a special edition of David Cronemberg's "Naked Lunch" a doble DVD whose extras will contain Borja Crepo's shortfilm "Snuff 2000" (, based in M. A. Martín's cómic, which was the first project of the production company.

"TIMECRIMES", produced by KV Entertainment in association with Arsénico P. C., will compete in the next Sitges Cinema Festival (, inside the Official Section (that will be Spanish Premiére). In his firt work, "a frenetic and twisted thriller full of surprising turns", according to Vigalondo's own words.
The young director has a very good team made up with experienced people such as the diractor of photography Flavio Martínez Labiano and the arts directors José Luis Arrizabalaga and Arfuto García (Arri and Biaffra). Eduardo Carneros was the production director of this "dark, sadistic and ambiguous tale about desire and guilt".
Loyal to the spirit of his previous shortfilms, Nacho bets on a science-fiction story, with a few characters and very clever staging. Actors Karra Elejalde ("The Dead Mother"), Bárgara Goenaga ("Silvia's Gift") and Vigalondo himself star the film.

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