"Timecrimes" opens the 18th San Sebastian Fantasy and Horror Film Week

After its brillian passing through Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, where it got the First Award, and be premiéred in Spain just a few days ago in Sitges Festival, next Saturday, November 27, Nacho Vigalondo's "TIMECRIMES", will open the 18th Fantasy and Horror Film Week in San Sebastian. The tickets for this showing were sold out in only one hour.

Koldo Serra has directed the video-clip "Adiós" (meaning "Bye"), by the music band Jaula de Grillos, for Sony. Arsénico P. C. has co-produced the work, which is stared by Bárbara Goenaga.

Arsénico P. C.  has also produced the shortfilm EL ENCARGADO (meaning "The One in Charge"), directed by Sergio Barrejón (co-scriptwriter in "Éramos pocos", meaning One Too Many, which was nominated for an Oscar). This project has got the best score in the shortfilms supports given by the Department of Culture and the Cinema Jove Proyect Award. EL ENCARGADO is based in a Nacho Vigalondo's idea.

Arsénico Comics is going to publish its first work, INTERZONA magazine, in co-production with San Sebastian Fantasy and Horror Film Week. This full-colour publication, run by Borja Crespo and Rubén Lardín, is made up of several strips and texts about the world of comics by really important national authors such as M.A. Martín, Mauro Entrialgo, Paco Alcázar, Miguel B. Núñez, Santiago Sequeiros, David Rubín, Alberto González, Félix Díaz, Jesús Palacios, etc. It will be given for free to all those espectators who buy the season ticket for the San Sebastian Festival, and sold in specialized bookshops afterwards.
You can find more information about the magazine in: http://www.infraser.com/weblog/2007/10/23/interzona-is-coming/

Arsenico is going to coproduce the 4th Comic Convention in San Seastian, which is going to take place at the same time as the San Sebastian Fantasy and Horror Film Week.

On the other hand, the shortfilm "Limoncello", directed by Borja Cobeaga, Jorge C. DoradoLuis A. Berdejo, has started its way through a lot of festivals. It has already been showed in Sitges and will take part in the San Sebastian Cinema Festival contest. This work, a Western made up of three short stories, is a co-production between Comon Films, Koldo Zuazua P. C. and Encanta Films.