Nacho Vigalondo, the only Spanish Director in the Sundance Festival

In this way, his film, stared by Karra Elejalde and Bárbara Goenaga, and which tells the story of a man who unintentionally travels in time just some hours to the past, consolidates his career in the American market, where it has already got excellent reviews from such influential companies as Harry Knowles', that described "Timecrimes" as "a perfect film." The movie has its showing confirmed in cinemas by the American company Magnolia Pictures through 2008. It has also signed several distribution  agreements in countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, France and Germany among others. Spanish distribution negociations are progressing very fast, just like the American remake of the film.

"Timecrimes" has also got some other awards such as the Best Full-Length Film Prize or the Silver Medal of the Audience in the AUSTIN FANTASTIC FEST, in TEXAS; the Golden Asteroid to the Best Film in the SCIENCE PLUS FICTION FESTIVAL, in TRIESTE; and the opportunity of being part of the official sction of SITGES FESTIVAL.

"Timecrimes" is a production by KV ENTERTAINMENT, ZIP FILMS and FINE PRODUCTIONS.