ARSÉNICO Producciones Cinematográficas was created with the intent of making projects —especially different ones — happen. The first project the production company was clearly involved in, the short film “Snuff 2000”, provided a taste of the innovative, intrepid character of the company, made up of Koldo Serra, Borja Crespo, Nahikari Ipiña, Borja Cobeaga and Nacho Vigalondo. This both nominated to Best Live Action Short Film Academy Awards (Oscars) with "7:35 in the morning" (2005) by Nacho Vigalondo and with "Eramos pocos" (2007) by Borja Cobeaga and both were awarded with more than 70 prizes.

“Spooks House”, by Koldo Serra ( (Méliès D'Or), and “Snuff 2000”, by Borja Crespo (, were ARSENICO P.C.'s first missions. These were followed by another silver-screen venture, “Kinky Hoodoo Voodoo (Saturno al final del verano)”, by Velasco Broca (, which was presented at the San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Festival (2004) and has received several awards to date, and “Pornografía”, by Haritz Zubillaga.

In 2005 ARSÉNICO participated in the production of two much-awaited shorts: “One Too Many”, by Borja Cobeaga; and “Choque (Collision)”, by Nacho Vigalondo, his first foray into film after receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Short.
Producing short films is one of ARSÉNICO's main activities. With an eye to the future, however, its objectives are more far-reaching, including involvement in feature-length film and television projects, In 2006, ARSENICO participated in "Timecrimes", first feature of Nacho Vigalondo. Witch won this years Fantastic Fest Best Film Award (Austin, Texas) and Best Film at Fantascienza. It's produced by KV Entertainment and Fine Productions and distributed for the U.S. by Magnolia Pictures.

The members of ARSÉNICO have ample experience in directing and producing short films, commercials, music videos and television. They've also organized events directly related to cinema and other media (festivals, shows, comic conventions, etc.)

"Surgery" directed by Alberto Gonzalez, and "Avant petalos Grillados" by Velasco Broca, this last one winner in '07 Slamdance and selected by director's Fortnight in Cannes '07 are also produced by ARSENICO.

In addition to the aforementioned works — which have been programmed at numerous international festivals and awarded multiple prizes — the members of ARSÉNICO have participated in a number of other prestigious projects, in the areas of direction and production: “7:35 in the Morning” (Nacho Vigalondo), “La primera vez” (Borja Cobeaga), “Amor de madre” (Koldo Serra and Gorka Vázquez) as well as music videos for groups like Fangoria, Extremoduro, Siniestro Total, El Sueño de Morfeo, Tontxu, Ela, Jaula de grillos or Deluxe.

In 2007 ARSENICO co-produced the western short film "Limoncello", directed by Borja Cobeaga, Jorge C. Dorado and Luis Alejandro Berdejo. It was produced by Common Films, Koldo Zuazua and Encanta Films. We also produced "Henry Fonda congelado" directed by RLUX and "El Encargado" directed by Sergio Barrejón.