ARSÉNICO PRODUCTIONS is a factory of ideas, made up of new and talented people from audio-visual areas whose careers are endorsed by dozens of international awards.

From the very beggining of the project, the ideas, until the final execution, ARSÉNICO PRODUCTIONS has wide experience in all the necessary processes for carriying out the production of a good audio-visual work, from the script to the administration of technical devices, shooting and post-production.

ARSÉNICO offers complete services or production and communication.

We have a huge portfolio of television and cinema producers available for any kind of audio-visua projects.

Our people make dreams come true, always defending originality and efficiency.

We like what we do, paying special attention to professionalism.

Audio-visual production is one of the main activities in ARSÉNICO, but, after years  working in other fields such as cultural procedures, events and presetations production, press, comic, design, etc. its members are completely able to do this kind of works and all what they entail too.

An endless range of possibilities.

Los servicios de ARSENICO PRODUCCIONES son, entre otros:

* Producción audiovisual:
  spots publicitarios, video-clips,

* Gestión cultural:
  programación de festivales,
  muestras de cine, salones
  de cómic…

* Montaje de eventos:
  fiestas de presentación,

* Diseño y desarrollo de
  proyectos audiovisuales:

  formatos de televisión, cine…

* Servicios de prensa
  y comunicación.

* Amplia cartera de
  realizadores, dibujantes,
  diseñadores, arte…

* Realización
de story-boards,
  páginas web, DVDs, textos
  y artículos especializados…

* Cursos de cine y cómic.